Photo and Text Group

DATE: 30 May 2019
TIME:7pm to 9pm

VENUE: The Art Worker's Guild
6 Queens Square, London WC1N 3AT


This will be a group to look at, share and discuss text that accompanys and enhances photographs.
'Accompany' can be taken to mean many things: words that appear within the frame, along photographs with equal weight as the photograph, captions and well considered artist statements.
We hope to receive some presentations from participants to see how this is understood. See agenda below.
Please email me if you plan to attend and If you have any ideas that you would like to share: Sabes
The cost of hire of the room is 80 including tea, biscuits and projector. I hope we can split the cost amongst the participants. If we can get 20 people that is £4 each.
Please let me know if you can attend before 23rd May.

Draft Agenda

7 pm Welcome and introductions
7:10 Volunteer note taker.
7:15 Introduction, discussion of the purpose of the group.
7:35 Venue and cost of attendance of future meetings.
7:45 Frequency and days of the future meetings.
7:50 Structure of meetings
Short break
8:10 Presentations as examples of peoples understanding of the purpose of the group. Pease let me know if you want to present.
8:50 Confirm next meeting Any other business
9pm Close