Nearly Nothing

An exhibition of international photographers exploring the aesthetics of ambiguity.

This exhibition rekindles the historic debate as to whether photographers can be considered image makers rather than purely documenters. The exhibition further questions how much information we need to read an image, whether we need to be able to read an image at all, what level of accompanying text is required to make such images comprehensible.

These photographers use the camera to create innovative, poetic images rather than simply to record: photographing scenes where there is no immediately obvious subject matter, photographing what is not quite there, or photographing the outright invisible.

LIP member Kelly Hill photographs her daughter in a hazy light in an attempt to suggest the fragility of childhood, and member James Reid provides texts for the exhibition.

Runs 12th July to 17th August 2008
Private view Friday 11th July, 6.30 to 8.30pm

Open Monday to Friday, 9-5pm; Saturday and Sunday, 12-4pm
Free Admission

Viewfinder Photography Gallery
Linear House, Peyton Place, off Royal Hill
Greenwich, London SE10 8RS