Not Performing

An exhibition exploring the increasingly blurred boundaries between the performed and the natural, between the theatre and the everyday.

Tom Coulton’s work captures the moment at which tired commuters’ faces have glazed over and in which they are no longer performing, while Jonathan Goldberg photographs street scenes that are highly theatrical, yet not staged in any way.

Riikka Kassinen addresses the unmasking of a character by soaking in a bath until her painted mask dissolves.

Marta Sanches Costa stages scenes in which women, extravagantly dressed in figure-hugging dresses and girlish nighties, forget their feminine performances and stoop to water plants and squeeze into high heels.

Holly Stevenson photographs cardboard cutouts of people, mimicking the motionless theatre of tableau vivant (living picture). Meanwhile, Marie Triller photographs a trio of mounted policeman on the Mexico border, an unstaged shot that could have come straight from the cinema.

Runs Saturday 30th August to Sunday 28th September

Viewfinder Photography Gallery
Linear House, Peyton Place (off Royal Hill), Greenwich, London SE10 8RS