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Queen’s Park Satellite Group: Stop Motion

Stop Motion is the 7th annual exhibition of work by members of the Queens Park Group of London Independent Photography. The show features around 160 images between 23 photographers, using a wide range of media. The members were challenged to realize the theme ‘Stop Motion’, which has been interpreted in many ways – as well […]

Karolina Maria Dudek: Hate

The Silent Room Gallery is proud to announce its first exhibition, a photographic installation by the emerging Polish artist-photographer Karolina Maria Dudek. Dudek’s work challenges the orthodoxy of photography as a two-dimensional medium for representation of the instant, and, in artistic tradition, seeks to explore a reality existing in the imagination, behind the here-and-now. By […]

Steve Williams in RPS 153rd International Print Exhibition

Steve Williams was recently awarded the Associate Distinction by the Royal Photographic Society and has had two prints selected for their 153rd International Print Exhibition. Over 3,000 prints were submitted and 123 were selected. Runs July 14 – August 31, 2010 Private View July 14th Allen & Overy One Bishops Square London E1 6AD Tube: […]

Andy Preston, Krystina Stimakovits, Nick Cobb: Without Gloss

Far from the tourist’s eye that settles on iconic landmarks, these images portray the city as it is known to its inhabitants, its authentic appearance. Familiar, though overlooked subjects that we pass by, are brought into sharp focus by the photographer. These images are the photographer’s creative responses to realities we may only subliminally absorb […]

Jon Goldberg & Andy Preston in World Cup South Africa 2010

Jon Goldberg & Andy Preston are showing in World Cup South Africa 2010 (As seen on various TVs in London), an exhibition of photographs taken in celebration of London-based supporters of the competing nations of this year’s world cup. Runs July 2 – 18, 2010 PM Gallery and House Walpole Park, Mattock Lane Ealing W5 […]