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Dave Mason, Cathy Roberts and Trevor Crone in Mirage 2013

Bandstand, Swanage by Trevor Crone The Mirage Group of Photographers comprise of nine enthusiastic and committed members who as a group have have exhibited in national and international exhibitions and at the Cotton Centre in London. Many have also staged solo exhibitions and run photographic workshops. Their tastes in photography are varied covering many genres, […]

Daniel Regan: Crowning Glory (Glasgow)

An exhibition exploring the complex autoimmune disorder alopecia, through a series of arresting portraits. The condition can cause partial or total hair loss for unknown reasons and can affect people of all ages, backgrounds and genders. Regrowth is unpredictable and in many cases non-recurring. The condition is thought to affect 1.7% of the population. Throughout […]

Clare Park: Gathering Light and Breaking Form (Cambridge)

Clare Park shines a light on the world of clinical research and also Parkinson’s disease, in this exhibition at ArtCell Gallery, in the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute. Gathering Light was commissioned by the Joint Research Office at University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust with support from UCLH Arts, and was first exhibited at […]

Peter Marshall in Estuary

Estuary brings together the work of 12 artists who have been inspired by the outer limits of the Thames where the river becomes the sea. The exhibition marks the 10th anniversary of the Museum of London Docklands. With its dramatic landscape – desolate mudflats and saltmarshes, vast open skies, container ports, power stations and seaside […]

Caroline Fraser in Transitions

Transitions will showcase a range of contemporary photographic practice from photographers based in the South East, London and Northern France and is the first exhibition by Pure Arts Group devoted to photography. Curated by Nigel Green, the work in this exhibition was chosen “to reflect the duality of photography as a documentary medium, having historically […]