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Raki Nikahetiya in Life Framer

The exhibition will include 24 winning artists from Life Framer’s 2013 competitions, as well as several selected honorary mentions. Runs 1-22 April 2014 Opening Night Thursday, 3rd April from 7pm RVSP on Facebook theprintspace Gallery 74 Kingsland Road London E2 8DL

Clare Park: Gathering Light: Breaking Form

GATHERING LIGHT: BREAKING FORM is a provocative two-part exhibition by award-winning photographer Clare Park. Collaborating with patients, their families and doctors, Clare captures the hope and strength of human spirit that shone through their shared experiences. ‘Gathering Light’, which was commissioned in 2012 by the Joint Research Office at University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation […]

Stefanie Reichelt in The Art of Scientific Imaging

Tardigrade (Waterbear) Nicole Ottawa: Reutlingen, Germany. The Waterbear or Tardigrade is a 0.1-1mm small animal. It lives in wet moss and consists of only a few hundred cells. This species feeds on nematodes and rotatoria. In case of its environment drying off they can enter a cryptobiotic state of desiccation, known as a tun, to […]

Natasa Jandric: Organic

Having two homes (UK and Bosnia), Natasa explores these two totally different cultures, often combining them into one. We often belong to more then one place or state of mind, sometimes belonging, sometimes being total outsiders and observers. “Organic” is this third space we all create for ourselves; space we like to call home. Runs […]