Elizabeth Brown: Shoestring Stories, etc


The amalgamation of two projects – one of shoes and their owners’ stories about them, and another where people emptied their bag and pockets for the camera. Each becomes a type of portrait of the individual, without seeing their faces.

Lizzie will be photographing shoe stories, etc on Tuesdays in the Cafe. Contact her by email for times, to bring along your shoes or empty your bags and pockets to become part of the project.

1-24 April 2014
Open Mon-Thu 8am–10:30pm
Fri 8am–11:30pm
Sat 9am–11:30pm
Sun 10am–10:30pm

Blend Cafe
587 Green Lanes
London N8 0RG

Turnpike Lane tube / Bus: 141, 29 to Beresford Road