Kingston Satellite Group: Twelve:14


An exhibition of new work by members of the Kingston Satellite Group, showcasing TWELVE very different approaches to photographic subject matter and use of techniques. Members exhibiting are Bronwen Brighton, Mary Douglas, Matthew Green, George Hill, Ian Holden, Richard Lydon, Simon Richards, Simon Robinson, Sue Roche, Graeme Wales, John Warren and Rosemary Williams

Images have been sourced from Burma via Iceland to Brick Lane. Inspired by the abstract and the provocative, brought together by the synergy of light and time and that intangible moment of suspense that makes a photograph a photograph.

Runs 2-28 June 2014
Private view 4th June, 6-9.30pm

Open Mon-Fri 8am-11pm; Sat 10:30am-12pm

Café Bernardo
42 Richmond Road
Kingston upon Thames

Transport: Near to Kingston BR / On the 65 bus route