Stefanie Reichelt in Sammeln Sie Herzen? (Cambridge)


In this graduate exhibition photographers present works created during their one-year seminar with Linn Schröder at the Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie Berlin. The resulting, very personal series have been presented at the Projektraum des Kunstquartiers Bethanien in Berlin-Kreuzberg from April 4 – 12, 2015, at BBK Osnabrück – Bund Bildender Künstlerinnen und Künstler in Osnabrueck, and are now coming to Cambridge.

On 14 August a mini-symposium will accompany the exhibition from 3-5pm. Practitioners from a variety of backgrounds in art, science, history, design, architecture and philosophy will discuss the difference between ‘taking’ or ‘making’ images. Questions will be raised: Why do we take images? How are we ‘seeing’ in different disciplines across art and science?

Runs 14 August – 1 October 2015
Private view reception 14th August, 5-7pm
Mini-symposium 14th August, 3-5pm

ArtCell Gallery
CRUK Cambridge Institute
Robinson Way
Cambridge CB2 0RE