LIP Members Exhibitions Archive for 2017

Michael J Duke: Life After Coffee

Michael says of his exhibition: “I do admit that coffee is more than just a drink to me. I enjoy reading up on the history of the drink as well as collecting cups with logos from various cafés I have visited on my travels. During each ‘coffee stop’, I like to try to capture the […]

Meirion Harries: Faces from the Continuum

Meirion Harries’ new exhibition, offered in the era of Trump, Brexit and Le Pen, puts the underlying question in graphic form: just how different are we from one another? And does preserving our differences justify departures, walls, borders and expulsions? Runs 24-29 April 2017 Open daily 10am-7pm Hepsibah Gallery 112 Brackenbury Rd London W6 0BD […]

Barnes Satellite Group Exhibition: Lucidity

A year after forming, the Barnes satellite group of LIP are holding their first exhibition. This local event presents the very best of Barnes members’ photographic work. Lucidity, in its original meaning, is derived from the Latin word for light and today refers to clarity of expression and thought. For more information, please contact Darius […]

Colleen Rowe Harvey: Fifty Two

Colleen Rowe Harvey’s first solo exhibition Fifty Two is a photographic and mixed-medium representation of the artist’s one year journey. The opening event also features the book launch Fifty Two, a photographic essay across the US, Japan and the UK. Runs 25 March – 2 April 2017 Private View March 25th from 6-8pm Open daily […]

5th Exhibition of the Crouch End Satellite Group

Amanda Eatwell photo Runs 15 March – 2 April Private View 15th March, 7-9pm The Original Gallery Hornsey Library Haringey Park London N8 9JA

Caroline Fraser in RPS Members Biennial 2017 (Touring)

Caroline Fraser has two works selected for the Royal Photographic Society members’ biennial exhibition. The exhibition tours the UK from March and also includes work from some of The Society’s Honorary Fellows, which provides selected photographers with the rare opportunity to exhibit their work alongside some of the most respected names in photography today. Runs […]

Gareth Davies: In Between – Music and Photography (Event)

Gareth Davies has been working with classical singer Susanne Mecklenburg for a few years, projecting his photography and videos as illustration alongside her performances. They have arranged their first concert in London at the Brunel Museum. Musically you will find an unusual combination of styles, composers, musical periods, geographical origins, rhythms, stories and lyrics. Music […]

LIP Members in Herts Foto Forum 21

The Herts Foto Forum ’21’ exhibition features contemporary and professional photographers with a diverse range of styles, backgrounds and subjects. Their celebration of 21 years active as a group promises to be imaginative, captivating and multi dimensional. From conceptual to landscapes, from portraits to the surreal, this will be an intelligent, clever and visual wonder […]

Peter Herbert: 38 Green Carnations

38 Green Carnations provides a juxtaposition of two aspects of Oscar Wilde’s life. The early privileged family and successful background of one of the world’s most brilliant and witty writers is reflected by a portrait of the artist as a younger man, presented against fabric by the fashionable Victorian designer of the time William Morris. […]

Popi Tsoukatou: Consanguinity (Athens)

Popi Tsoukatou’s new body of works unfolds the variations in meaning of the Latin word ‘consanguinity’, which is either defined on etymological level as blood relationship or metaphorically as an inherent correlation. Tsoukatou appropriates photographs of both her familial and broader circle, it being either kith and kin or friends of decades past, mainly during […]

Central London Satellite Group Exhibition: HERE

Rashida Mangera photo The fifth annual group exhibition by members of the LIP Central Satellite Group presents work on the theme of HERE. Runs 21-26 February 2017 Private View 23 February, 6-9pm Open daily 1-7pm; Sun 1-5pm Espacio Gallery 159 Bethnal Green Road London E2 7DG Transport: Shoreditch High Street (Overground)

Elizabeth Brown in Seeing Red

The Seeing Red exhibition fills the two floors at Espacio Gallery with glowing colour. Whether scarlet, crimson, maroon, vermilion, berry, ruby, rose, burgundy, carmine, brick, or cerise – red is both satisfying and exciting. The strong feelings suggested by the colour red – passionate love, blood and anger – are always stimulating! Artists understand colour […]

Daniel Keys in Feminine / Masculine (Budapest)

It often seems that everything has been both said and photographed about this subject, and yet it is not possible to ignore the persistence of Feminine / Masculine in our visual culture. What is it that we can still value and possibly revive from the rich history of photography; are there any novel ways left […]