Peter Herbert: 38 Green Carnations

38 Green Carnations provides a juxtaposition of two aspects of Oscar Wilde’s life. The early privileged family and successful background of one of the world’s most brilliant and witty writers is reflected by a portrait of the artist as a younger man, presented against fabric by the fashionable Victorian designer of the time William Morris. Photographs taken inside Reading Gaol are displayed on panels of bars as a stark indicator of the incarceration of Wilde in Reading Gaol in 1895 when tragedy ruined his life, family and career. The photographs explore the gaol for hints of its ethereal nature and reminder that Wilde was part of its system.

Runs 6 February – 20 April 2017
Open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

The Conference Centre Gallery Space
St Pancras Hospital
4 St Pancras Way
London NW1 OPE

Mornington Crescent/ Kings Cross tube; Bus 46/214