Clare Park in Images That Defined The Age – AOP50

Clare Park

AOP50 celebrates 50 years of the Association of Photographers with a selection of iconic images from some of the world’s most respected photographers gathered together in one place for the first time.

Zelda Cheatle, renowned photography expert, admirably curated this exhibition set in the vast unwieldy marble lobby. It is an honour to have been included, particularly juxtaposed on opposing pillars with David Eustace’s wonderful 1997 portrait of Eve Arnold. Never before have I seen my work printed so big! This self-portrait image (used by author Naomi Wolf for the cover of The Beauty Myth, 1990) is imbued with personal expression of my experiences of training as a classical ballet dancer whilst struggling with anorexia. As a photographer I was able to draw visual parallels between the contemporary sylph and the ascetic medieval saint by using simple objects that alluded to the distorted quest for perfection in our culture.

Runs: 16 April to 1 June
Open: Daily 7am – 8pm (free)

Lobby, One Canada Square,
Canary Wharf,
London E14 5AB
Transport: Canary Wharf Jubilee Line