Jennifer grew up in North London and now works as a researcher and writer. “Although I love travelling, I always want to come back to the city. London is a fast changing beautiful city and I like photographing people against this backdrop of transformation.”

I first fell in love with photography on an inherited Kodak Box Brownie as an eight year old in the 60’s. The relationship has continued through various film and then digital cameras, now a Sony A7R2 often with my old Olympus lenses attached but mostly I walk around with aContinue Reading

As a professional baby photographer I take natural lifestyle portraits of newborns, babies, children and their families. Much of my own work these days involves capturing everyday moments with my family through a photographer’s eyes, I also enjoy photographing nature, movement and macro details. Jenny’s website

Anita has an MA in Photography and Urban Cultures and is currently studying towards a PhD in Visual Sociology at Goldsmiths. She’s a member of the Urban Photographer’s Association and of Crossing Lines at Goldsmiths. Her interests are urban communities that have a relevance to her personal life, and sheContinue Reading

Daniel (b.1993 Medway, Kent) works with environmental portraiture, within the documentary practice of photography. Each of Daniel’s series works as a way of collecting a final portrait of the places and people he has met and grown around. Often creating visual pairs, he portrays stories surrounding the people photographed. StudiedContinue Reading

A former Highlights Editor of LIP, I am a film and media graduate from Birkbeck College and an arts journalist based in London. My portfolio can be found at

I am a freelance photographer, photographing people and place. I like to have at least one active personal project going at any time. Currently I am working on a large-scale project called 4 x 4 x 4. It is an exploratory documentary-style project which sees me travel in four distances,Continue Reading

I have worked as a television cameraman for over 25years but always held an equal passion for the still image. Increasingly I find the influences in my images come from non-photographic artists. Duncan’s website

I started my photography career as an assistant straight out of college. When I went freelance as a photographer I shot advertising for about ten years. I owned a studio for a few years after that shooting portraiture and now mainly shoot corporate events and conferences. I like to shootContinue Reading

Based in Oxfordshire and London, Ingrid has a particular interest in photographing the urban landscape, incorporating chance elements and exploring the nature of serendipity, coincidence and connections. Combined into sequences in book form, her images are a celebration of the spontaneous and the accidental, emphasising the underlying relationships which canContinue Reading

Anita is a London based photographer and her work has been exhibited in various galleries throughout London. Self taught but also studied photography at Central Saint Martins College of Art, London. Her work has been featured in various creative magazines and book publications. Her work encompasses a varied range ofContinue Reading

Heather Martin is originally from Canada and is now living in London. Her love for photography flourished in university when she studied of journalism and political science at a Canadian University. Over the past few years, Heather has shifted her focus and interest from photojournalism to architectural and artistic photography.Continue Reading

I am a photographer living and working in London. My main preoccupation at present is the sea and in particular the edge where sea and land meet.

Gareth specialises in panoramic imaging, an interest first started in 1995 using a Russian swing-lens camera and then extended this by building a rotating 360° camera in 1999. Gareth continues an exploration of panoramic imaging, for its more familiar pictorial uses, as well as opening up less conventional slitscan applicationsContinue Reading

This image is from the commissioned exhibition ‘Blues in f8’ – a photographer/musician’s point of view of the Medway Jazz Festival 2000. I studied Graphic Design and Photography at Portsmouth College of Art subsequently working in Industrial/Commercial photography for 20 years. After Art College I painted, then decided photography bestContinue Reading

I am a Scottish photographer, video producer and artist, now based just North of Brighton in the South East of England. I graduated from Brighton University in 2008 with a BA(Hons) in Photography and continue to create self-initiated projects using a blend of autobiographical, conceptual and documentary practice. Societal concern is at theContinue Reading