Anthony Tyley BBC TV, London, 25 years. City & Guilds of London Art School Fine Art Painting Diploma course, 3 years full time. Now working as private art tutor and photographer near Cambridge, sometimes with references to traditional, often Victorian, painting, and my TV experience as studio cameraman and director.Continue Reading

Duncan Unsworth I have worked as a television cameraman for over 25years but always held an equal passion for the still image. Increasingly I find the influences in my images come from non-photographic artists. Duncan’s website

John Blom Amateur photographer for about 5 years. My image is from a series I have been working on  called Urban Extractions. My background is Fine Arts and my images I hope reflect that. the new images are approached as cubism. The subject is captured from multiple sides, then combined inContinue Reading

Jonny Baker I stumbled across the Ealing group of LIP at an exhibition and have loved being a member since. I explore light, patterns and love to capture fleeting moments of beauty in every day life. Jonny’s webpage

Peter Spurgeon Peter is a final year MA Documentary Photography student at the University of South Wales in Newport. His current ‘Decoy’ project explores the theme of theatricality in war. The images evoke the visual deception employed in a secret British Air Ministry project. Fires, electric lights and fake planesContinue Reading

Gary Wheller Gary is a freelance Photographer and Technology consultant based in London. He provides location and studio photoshoot experience, events photography and commission and/or editorial. Imagery processing and storage expertise and small to enterprise/ISP scale network solutions. Gary shoots with Nikon D850, D610, Fujifilm xt-3 and a plethora ofContinue Reading

Christine Kirkpatrick My photography stems from a fine art background, particularly that of painting. Whatever the subject, composition is important to me. My macro subjects are selected for their painterly qualities and aim to produce something not seen before. My more representational images of the world aim to either captureContinue Reading

Martin Conway I think it all started with a Kodak Instamatic in the 1960s followed by an Olympus OM2 SLR in my teens. I was the one taking photos at rugby matches, car rallies, functions and parties, or while on holiday around the provinces of New Zealand. Since 1989 I’veContinue Reading

Jennifer Roberts Jennifer Roberts takes photographs first and foremost for her own personal pleasure. She particularly enjoys exploring colour, form and texture with abstract or graphic images, although she also produces more traditionally representational work. She is unafraid of using digital manipulation to re-create the image as it exists inContinue Reading

Eva Bachmann Eva is a lens based artist. Her work is informed by the built environment. With her work she aims to alter our view of the ordinary by emphasising its creative essence, adding a new visual experience by shifting our awareness, so that we notice what often goes unnoticed.Continue Reading

Craig Stevenson Craig is a Glaswegian lawyer and photographer. Since moving to London and joining LIP in 2007, he has diversified his portfolio in social and documentary photography, shooting a number of high profile events including the 2009 Queen Charlotte’s Ball organised by the London Season.

Laura Serghe Born in London. B.A. French Studies from Goldsmiths University, Foundation Degree in Spatial Design, Chelsea College of Art. Currently studying photography at City Lit. Member of a darkroom in North London. Interested in digital and analog photography as well as alternative processes such as cyanotype, Van Dyke andContinue Reading

Krystina Stimakovits Drawn from the peripheries of our everyday surroundings, my images try to explore illusions of appearance and space via juxtapositions and various degrees of abstraction; in between the transparent and the opaque, the gestural and bold, the strange and the familiar. Originally from Vienna, Austria, Krystina has adoptedContinue Reading

Yoke Matze Yoke works as a photographer, lecturer and exhibition organiser. Born in the Netherlands, she settled in London in 1982 and obtained a BA in Photography and a MA in Design and Media Art at the University of Westminster. Main areas of work are architecture and portraiture. Her personalContinue Reading

Lynsey Ford The former Highlights Editor of LIP, I am a film and media graduate from Birkbeck College and an arts journalist based in London. My portfolio can be found at

Klara Cservenka Klara is a UK based photographer focussing mostly on youths as well as the older generation seen out on the streets. She completed her BA in Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins School of Art, and exhibits internationally. Klara on tumblr and Instagram @klaracservenka My new street photographyContinue Reading