A self taught photographer of some fifty years I am drawn to various styles and interests including abstract, macro, monochrome and more recently street work. I search for the hidden details and using creative techniques try to uncover elements that might remain unseen.

Klara is a UK based photographer focussing mostly on youths as well as the older generation seen out on the streets. She completed her BA in Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins School of Art, and exhibits internationally. Klara on tumblr and Instagram @klaracservenka My new street photography photobook, ofContinue Reading

Gareth specialises in panoramic imaging, an interest first started in 1995 using a Russian swing-lens camera and then extended this by building a rotating 360° camera in 1999. Gareth continues an exploration of panoramic imaging, for its more familiar pictorial uses, as well as opening up less conventional slitscan applicationsContinue Reading

I am an amateur photographer, I have been passionate about photography for years. I love being able to save a moment in time forever and create memories. I love travelling and discovering what the world has to offer. This photo was taken 2 years ago in Thailand and I fellContinue Reading

Peter Luck is a retired architect, now concentrating on documenting change in London and the lower Thames. This mostly means photographing things soon to be lost and sometimes, in another corner of life, trying to fight that loss.

Drawn from the peripheries of our everyday surroundings, my images try to explore illusions of appearance and space via juxtapositions and various degrees of abstraction; in between the transparent and the opaque, the gestural and bold, the strange and the familiar. Originally from Vienna, Austria, Krystina has adopted South LondonContinue Reading

My photographic interests are hospitals and remote wild places. I have had several solo exhibitions of my hospital work and provide the Royal Geographical Society with images of wild places. I am also a member of the RPS Contemporary Group. Carole’s website

For the last four years I have been taking pictures of the familiar and metamorphosis as it is reflected in the water. This transformation of the canal is a never-ending source of wonder; made of stagnant pools that are totally sensitive to minute changes in light, wind climate and theContinue Reading

Yoke works as a photographer, lecturer and exhibition organiser. Born in the Netherlands, she settled in London in 1982 and obtained a BA in Photography and a MA in Design and Media Art at the University of Westminster. Main areas of work are architecture and portraiture. Her personal work isContinue Reading

I am a veteran snap-shotter, long involved in amateur societies around the world, and take photographs of anything that catches my eye. My manipulation varies from almost nothing to no-holds-barred, with a correspondingly varied range of success in other people’s eyes! I am now based in London where I amContinue Reading

I am interested in finding images in everyday life, rather than creating photographs in the studio or elsewhere. I enjoy the challenge of capturing an interesting moment from the infinite potential all around us. My default genre is “street photography”, and my Street Stories series continues to evolve. I haveContinue Reading

“I took up photography in 1992 and became a member of LIP in 1996. My preferred photography is landscape and the built environment.”

I am a London-based photographer, specialising in portraiture and social documentary. After studying Graphic Design at the University of Ulster, I got my first job as an art director and swapped the blitz of Belfast for the glitz of London advertising. Working in numerous advertising agencies over the years, I’veContinue Reading

I love taking photographs and especially enjoy exploring the urban environment. I joined the Ealing LIP Satellite Group for the encouragement and support to develop projects and exhibit work. I use digital but film, traditional and alternative print processes continue to hold a fascination for me.

I am a Scottish photographer, video producer and artist, now based just North of Brighton in the South East of England. I graduated from Brighton University in 2008 with a BA(Hons) in Photography and continue to create self-initiated projects using a blend of autobiographical, conceptual and documentary practice. Societal concern is at theContinue Reading

Daniel (b.1993 Medway, Kent) works with environmental portraiture, within the documentary practice of photography. Each of Daniel’s series works as a way of collecting a final portrait of the places and people he has met and grown around. Often creating visual pairs, he portrays stories surrounding the people photographed. StudiedContinue Reading