I am interested in finding images in everyday life, rather than creating photographs in the studio or elsewhere. I enjoy the challenge of capturing an interesting moment from the infinite potential all around us. My default genre is “street photography”, and my Street Stories series continues to evolve. I haveContinue Reading

Gareth specialises in panoramic imaging, an interest first started in 1995 using a Russian swing-lens camera and then extended this by building a rotating 360° camera in 1999. Gareth continues an exploration of panoramic imaging, for its more familiar pictorial uses, as well as opening up less conventional slitscan applicationsContinue Reading

I first fell in love with photography on an inherited Kodak Box Brownie as an eight year old in the 60’s. The relationship has continued through various film and then digital cameras, now a Sony A7R2 often with my old Olympus lenses attached but mostly I walk around with aContinue Reading

Nick is Welsh, old, lives in London and is working on a photography degree.

I’ve been taking photographs continuously since I was a child. I studied art at Harlow College and graphic design at the RCA. My photographs are random and personal, adding purpose to my love of strolling around London and other cities around the world.

Ray has been taking photographs for over four decades. Most of his images are of humans in one form or another, such as his latest book Breathing which features 100 art nude photographs. Many of the images in this book show the human form as an element of nature, becauseContinue Reading

I was born in Brighton and now live in west London. Observing people is what I enjoy doing; ordinary people going about their day-to-day business… on the street, in cafes, on public transport – and at the seaside. I rarely have any interaction with my subjects, preferring to seek outContinue Reading

I am an art dealer and have been an amateur photographer all my life. I contribute on a regular basis to one Flickr brief, SPNC, as ‘Renate’s Mate’ and other groups occasionally. I am a street photographer because I live in the centre of a city, but my images rangeContinue Reading

I have just completed my photography based degree, for which I was awarded a first class honours. My current work incorporates elements of documentary photography and the questioning of traditional concepts behind street photography. I am now looking to further my work through further exhibitions and collaborations. Simon’s website

Cinnamon is a freelance photo-journalist, specialising in portrait photography. She had her first solo show, “HOMO SAPIENS, a collection of men”, at Portobello Gold, November 2000, and has 9 portraits in the National Portrait Gallery’s collection. Cinnamon is also studying a Masters degree at University of Westminster, and shooting privateContinue Reading

My work falls very broadly into four streams: self-portraiture, street photography, and abstract images and digital collage. I love to combine these whenever possible. I use whatever experiences life brings, whether it be joy and beauty, or vulnerability, pain, loss and the struggle to survive. Everyone experiences life from aContinue Reading

Klara is a UK based photographer focussing mostly on youths as well as the older generation seen out on the streets. She completed her BA in Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins School of Art, and exhibits internationally. Klara on tumblr and Instagram @klaracservenka My new street photography photobook, ofContinue Reading

I have suffered (happily) from the OCD of photography for over 50 years. Basically I wander around, engaging with and consuming the world with my camera. Occasionally one is rewarded with an encounter with the absurd. I do not specialise in any particular subject matter and my digital manipulation skillsContinue Reading

A passionate explorer, my photography has been a way of ‘telling the story’. Over the past 18 years my photography was mainly influenced by my human rights activities and travel experience and my wish to take the photo that tells the story of the people, their lives and their environment.Continue Reading

Daniel is a British Fine Art / Fashion photographer. His work often depicts the emotional rather then the literal. A lot of the work contains slowly disturbing, domestic imagery, which runs alongside a conceptual element that informs the work’s sociopolitical viewpoint. The fashion work often goes against standard fashion imageryContinue Reading

I’m a Technology Architect and an amateur photographer living in South London with my family. I was born in India, lived in Eastern Africa and now settled in the United Kingdom. Photography is one of the ways by which I find a sense of completeness in my life. Landscape andContinue Reading