Chris is a self-taught photographer. His interest in photography originated from a desire to record his handmade furniture and his wife’s textile artistry. At first, the images relied on advice and inspiration from books, talking to other photographers and feedback from the local photo lab, as well as lots ofContinue Reading

I love taking photographs and especially enjoy exploring the urban environment. I joined the Ealing LIP Satellite Group for the encouragement and support to develop projects and exhibit work. I use digital but film, traditional and alternative print processes continue to hold a fascination for me.

Quentin was born in the UK but lived abroad for 25 years, mostly in the American Southwest, which he loves. This experience influenced his photography, which focuses on shape, form, texture and light. Quentin settled in London in 1992, and he conceived and managed the Countdown 2000 project. Quentin’s website

My photography stems from a fine art background, particularly that of painting. Whatever the subject, composition is important to me. My macro subjects are selected for their painterly qualities and aim to produce something not seen before. My more representational images of the world aim to either capture beauty orContinue Reading

I am a photographer living and working in London. My main preoccupation at present is the sea and in particular the edge where sea and land meet.

Jennifer Roberts takes photographs first and foremost for her own personal pleasure. She particularly enjoys exploring colour, form and texture with abstract or graphic images, although she also produces more traditionally representational work. She is unafraid of using digital manipulation to re-create the image as it exists in her imagination.Continue Reading

Gary is a freelance Photographer and Technology consultant based in London. He provides location and studio photoshoot experience, events photography and commission and/or editorial. Imagery processing and storage expertise and small to enterprise/ISP scale network solutions. Gary shoots with Nikon D850, D610, Fujifilm xt-3 and a plethora of 35mm andContinue Reading

For the last four years I have been taking pictures of the familiar and metamorphosis as it is reflected in the water. This transformation of the canal is a never-ending source of wonder; made of stagnant pools that are totally sensitive to minute changes in light, wind climate and theContinue Reading

Ray has been taking photographs for over four decades. Most of his images are of humans in one form or another, such as his latest book Breathing which features 100 art nude photographs. Many of the images in this book show the human form as an element of nature, becauseContinue Reading

Daniel (b.1993 Medway, Kent) works with environmental portraiture, within the documentary practice of photography. Each of Daniel’s series works as a way of collecting a final portrait of the places and people he has met and grown around. Often creating visual pairs, he portrays stories surrounding the people photographed. StudiedContinue Reading

I have been taking photos and printing them since I was 14 and had several exhibitions and a number of portrait commissions over the years whilst doing it as a hobby. I worked in B&W and used Nikon equipment but 15 years ago switched to a Leica M6, which wasContinue Reading

Since 2006 I have been a photographer based in London specialising in portrait photography. My clients are often musicians, actors, models, business people, and families. Anyone who needs professional photos to represent themselves. I also teach photography with a company called 36exp; mainly studio and location lighting techniques. Andrew’s website

I have just completed my photography based degree, for which I was awarded a first class honours. My current work incorporates elements of documentary photography and the questioning of traditional concepts behind street photography. I am now looking to further my work through further exhibitions and collaborations. Simon’s website

A passionate explorer, my photography has been a way of ‘telling the story’. Over the past 18 years my photography was mainly influenced by my human rights activities and travel experience and my wish to take the photo that tells the story of the people, their lives and their environment.Continue Reading

Born in Germany and brought up in┬áScandinavia I have also lived in Los Angeles, Washington DC and Paris. I worked as a sign writer for many years using computers before being retired. However, photography has always been a passion of mine. I’m interested in shapes, angles, reflections, abstracts but haveContinue Reading

As a professional baby photographer I take natural lifestyle portraits of newborns, babies, children and their families. Much of my own work these days involves capturing everyday moments with my family through a photographer’s eyes, I also enjoy photographing nature, movement and macro details. Jenny’s website