I live in Athens-Greece. I studied philosophy at the Kapodistrian University of Athens and was active member of Trade Union movement, later I worked as a communication consultant in advertising agencies and in television. I studied photography at PhotoCircle (Athens) and at International Centre of Photography (New York). I setContinue Reading

John has exhibited his photographs at Western Connecticut State University; University of Connecticut, Torrington; in several one-person shows at the Jasper Rand Museum, Westfield Athenaeum, and at the Samuel S.T.Chen Fine Arts Center, Central Connecticut State University. Briggs is the author and co-author of several books on chaos theory, fractalsContinue Reading

Peter Luck is a retired architect, now concentrating on documenting change in London and the lower Thames. This mostly means photographing things soon to be lost and sometimes, in another corner of life, trying to fight that loss.

Nick is Welsh, old, lives in London and is working on a photography degree.

I am interested in transition. I see and try to absorb the landscape, the rural, urban and the area or division between the two, my garden, the forest, the wide open, the tracks to the horizon. Sometimes I respond to the formal aspects of design placed within or possibly growingContinue Reading

I’m interested in wildlife, art/documentary photography, human nature and the relationship we have with the natural world. My aim is to collaborate these interest to create images that not only reflect on human experience but to ponder the world that we find ourselves in. 

Although I had an interest in photography from an early age, I was only able to afford to pursue it when I started work. In a year of training to teach, I opted for courses in Media Studies (with Len Masterman, one of the inventors of the subject), Film andContinue Reading

Arun Misra is a London based photographer. His work is inspired by time, space and the Cosmos, and within this vastness, human experience and perception. There are influences from abstract impressionist and conceptual art and surrealism. After a long career in engineering and management he studied photography arts at theContinue Reading

Photography has taught me to find potential images in everything I see around me. I enjoy looking for the fine details in everyday objects, however mundane they may appear at first sight. Because of this I am most interested in abstract and macro photography, as they allow me to expressContinue Reading

Having fully retired I am now able to completely immerse myself in my passion for photography. Though a recent bout of ill-health has kept me under ‘house arrest’. A perfect opportunity to indulge yet further my love of flowers and attention to the detail which I see through the viewfinder.

As a professional baby photographer I take natural lifestyle portraits of newborns, babies, children and their families. Much of my own work these days involves capturing everyday moments with my family through a photographer’s eyes, I also enjoy photographing nature, movement and macro details. Jenny’s website

Born in Germany and brought up in Scandinavia I have also lived in Los Angeles, Washington DC and Paris. I worked as a sign writer for many years using computers before being retired. However, photography has always been a passion of mine. I’m interested in shapes, angles, reflections, abstracts but haveContinue Reading

Peter is a final year MA Documentary Photography student at the University of South Wales in Newport. His current ‘Decoy’ project explores the theme of theatricality in war. The images evoke the visual deception employed in a secret British Air Ministry project. Fires, electric lights and fake planes were usedContinue Reading

Jeanine spent her early life in Switzerland. She studied History of Art, trained as a film editor in Italy, and worked in England, Ireland, and Switzerland on art and documentary films. For the last decade she has concentrated on photography, and recently graduated from de Montfort University, Leicester with anContinue Reading

I am a photographer living and working in London. My main preoccupation at present is the sea and in particular the edge where sea and land meet.

I have just completed my photography based degree, for which I was awarded a first class honours. My current work incorporates elements of documentary photography and the questioning of traditional concepts behind street photography. I am now looking to further my work through further exhibitions and collaborations. Simon’s website