fLIP Magazine / Online Feature


by Anne-Marie Glasheen

we went out walking I-my-camera-and-me

it wasn’t for long it wasn’t that far
just up the lane and down again

but such wonders did we see I-my-camera-and-me
that it could have been a life-time

an amorphous plastic thingamabob burrowing into or emerging from the track

a metal strip noticed at last breaking into a smile

a fork that had seen better days and no food for a while

an alien’s footprint or the indispensible restyled coat hanger having a whale of a time

a my-little-pony whose lush-mane bounces back however many cars try to tame it

did the cola-can-disc accompany the fork’s last meal

a lost-on-earth tribble or something more mundane

une fleur blanche what secrets did you once hold

a sad stone

the end of a party

a shaggy dog story

we relished our alone-ness I-my-camera-and-me
and the objects galore that we couldn’t ignore

and the call of the birds the cries of the kids
siren-wails bee-hums gravel-crunches

flowers and barbecues not persuasive enough
to distract from the purpose of I-my-camera-and-me

in time it was time that called time on our time-out
when it blew us back to the here and now


Submitted on the theme of LEISURE, Summer 2010