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After London

by Mitch Karunaratne

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I grew up on Canvey Island. Canvey, a plotland development, is sturdy, self built and sinking; approximately 12 inches a century. Its history of non conformity, its geographical isolation and its precarious future, all contribute to its continued isolation and uniqueness.

Set amongst the eccentric architecture, lonely estuarine reaches, glimmering mud flats and horizons dotted with refinery flares and a subtle military presence, the diverse identities, experiences and social spaces that make this island within an island are revealed.

Individual liberty, community and diverse ways of living that have weathered the test of time ensure Canvey continues to teach us about the future of our towns. Throughout the island there is a sense of past lives and ways of doing things that haunt, giving rise to layered meaning and visual pleasures, if you give it the time and attention it deserves.



On the theme of HOME, Winter 2011