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Gary Wheller

Hailing from Basingstoke, used to live in Barnes, works in central London. I am a (25+ years ago!) college art, design, and photography trained amateur, who occasionally freelances or does personal/private commissions. Employed full-time in a whole different field of higher service provider/cloud technology, Internet infrastructure and more, contradictorily opposite to a creative field.

I am a slave to the DSLR body upgrade treadmill, and forever changing and trading in different lenses. Having been through five bodies in five years and 10+ lenses, is currently shooting with a D610 and D7200 in reserve for charity, music and non-profit events every so often. I schedule what I can around full time work commitments.

I enjoy shots of people going about their business - non-staged shots of people unaware of a camera, but stuck in the moment. That and wildlife, sports events, shows (air, rail, sea) and many more. Please see more personal shots, and occasional events on my website.

Gary's website