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Gerry McCulloch

Gerry McCulloch is a Photographer, Cinematographer and Lecturer at Goldsmiths. Gerry operates Darshana Photo Art and was previously a Director of Untold Productions. He has undertaken photo and cine work in Namibia, Cuba, Canada, the USA, Mexico, Venezuela, Japan, Tibet, Nepal, Laos, India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Thailand and most of Europe. As a cinematographer, Gerry has made films with household names like Helena Bonham-Carter and Paul Whitehouse and with world figures like Fidel Castro. Overseas travel on photo and cine projects in Asia, resulted in Gerry's parallel interest in the overlaps between Eastern traditions of creativity, spirituality and learning. His photography contrasts Indo-Tibetan epistemological configurations of Perception (Impermanence), Cognition (Emptiness) and Subjectivity (Selflessness) with Phenomenology of Perception, Corporeal Ontologies and Affect.

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