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Marsha Levine

I have been serious about photography for a long time, although I have had no formal training and am largely self-taught. My first career was as a university researcher in archaeology (and allied subjects). And my first serious use of photography was to document my research. But from the start, I used it to record and make sense of the world around me ? and I continue to do so.

Archaeology took me to such destinations as Turkey, France, the former Soviet Union (Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Armenia, South Siberia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan); China (including the Yellow River valley and Xinjiang). Such trips enabled me to visit places off the tourist track. Other trips took me to Europe, North America, and various corners of the UK, including my own backyard.

My photography has always been somewhat eclectic ? linking a range of subjects with a range of approaches: documentary, editorial, heritage, landscape, travel, street life, portraits, architecture, agriculture, natural history, food, environmental issues, human and animal behaviour, ecology.

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