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Image SimonHadleigh-Sparks. All Rights Reserved.

Simon Hadleigh-Sparks

I am an amateur who has been taken over by the love of photography. It has taken over my life, apart from work, wife, daughter, as well as food, TV and internet.

Photography has become a major part of myself - it's my ambition to get better all the time and prove myself as a 'not bad' photographer with a 'not ordinary' style.

Completely self-taught, I started seriously in 2012. London is my main inspiration and flickr is where I live.

A mixture of styles interest me, but I currently lean heavily towards urban / city photography and modern architecture.

Highly Commended in 2013 Urban Photographer Of The Year:
One Review - "A major thrill of urban exploration is its ability to open up a new perspective on the city - its spaces, people and history. But included in that equation is technology and how it is used to re-imagine the look of the city.

Digital transformation of the city is at the heart of this photoseries by urban photographer and digital artist extraordinaire Simon Hadleigh-Sparks. His images radically twist and contort the steel-and-glass buildings in London's Canary Wharf into striking, abstract forms. The results offer a dynamic new look on the structures that make up the London skyline."

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