20th August: Greenwich Satellite Group Meeting

Greenwich Satellite Group will be held on a Wednesday for one month only.

The moment of The First Greenwich Annuale has (more-or-less) arrived. For a brief but perfectly-judged moment in August the Viewfinder will be given over to the work of (at the final count) thirty-four of our group. The opening bash is on the evening of Wednesday 20th. August from 6.30pm until 8.30pm & it would be just fine & dandy if you can make it along to the viewing.

So … our regular monthly meetup has moved from the Tuesday (hanging day) to the Wednesday for just this month. If it’s been some time since we’ve seen you in Greenwich it would be great to have you along along so we can reacquaint. If you’re a complete stranger to us then remain so no longer.

At a loose end? There’ll be masses of special people around, fine photography, a stunning sunset, just-cut fashions, individually-wrapped crisps.

Directions to the Viewfinder can be found here

I’m here: 01223 521 058 or john.levett1@googlemail.com

Hope you find the time to be with us.