16th September: Greenwich Satellite Group Meeting

After the Beijing-scale opening of the First Greenwich Annuale comes the new season of Bring-and-Tell beginning with something different.

Earlier this year the question was raised: how do we know what’s a great photograph & what’s a might-have-been? Holly Stevenson (LIP mag Summer 2008) said: by looking at the work of great photographers. Quelle horreur! Good idea! So let’s do it.

The idea is this …Holly will lead out the session with the photographers & their photographs that have influenced her & we take off with those that have inspired, surprised, animated, shaped, touched our spirit & knocked our socks off.

So … for one month only, bring someone else’s pics—any format … a cutting, book, folio, magazine, print, catalogue, postcard by ‘the great & the good’. This century, last century or the one before that. Talk about them if you want to or just bring ’em along for us to admire.

Holly, very conveniently, is part of the new exhibition at Viewfinder & she’ll be telling us something about her approach to photography & her current work with tableaux vivants.

Something for all the family.

Start at 7, finish at 9. Hope you can make it along.

Tea & sympathy as always.

Here’s Viewfinder: http://www.viewfinder.org.uk/index.html and a map

Contact John Levett on 01223 521058 or john.levett1@googlemail.com