Committee Update – Meeting 25/11/08

Hello to you all. As the new chair, I’ve been asked by members to have a regular report from the committee, so here it is. With each of these updates, I’ll summarise the main points raised at each meeting.

Treasurer’s Report
As well as providing the report, the issue of on-line payments was raised. Len (Treasurer) is investigating software to do this and more and will put forward his findings in due course.

Britt (Editor) gave her report on the magazine and the next (anniversary) issue. Anita (Designer) is monitoring costs and getting quotes in from various printers. There was discussion about the extra pages (grey pages) – how they should be defined and their use. The decision was made to incorporate this material into the magazine and towards the back, to use these pages for satellite groups and workshop reviews. This will not be at the expense of the openness and flexibility of the magazine.


John (Exhibition Organiser) filled us in on the work his new team have been doing. As well as looking at improved lighting options, they’re also investigating having a table for a comments book and take-away sheets with thumbnails and contact details. A virtual gallery with online prints and contact details to go live after the ‘take down’ was discussed. John also asked for ideas for selectors.

Tiffany (Webmaster) ran through what was new with the website. The ‘showcase’ is going well, as is the ‘booklist’ promoting photo books published by members. A question was raised regarding the ‘exhibitions’ section and whether this would be better as a listing with smaller images so that more could be seen on screen at one time.

Other Business
I’d been asked to put to the committee the possibility of strengthening ties with the Viewfinder Gallery. Outside of monetary concessions, we’re looking at new ideas such as co-hosting events.

I’d welcome your feedback on this first update, and hope it’s given you some insight into the work going on. To let me know your views and suggestions on these topics or new ones, please email me at:

Adrian Capps