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21st October : Greenwich Satellite Group Meeting

Our last meeting before the arrival of The Long Dark! So … time still remaining for ‘What I did on my holidays’. Bring one pic, bring many; the finished & mounted article or still dripping with fixer; on disk, on paper, on your fine & dandy site; a rushed proof from ‘Hello’ or one still […]

The Brilliance of Photography, A Sense of Freedom

The Contemporary Group of the Royal Photographic Society is organising a weekend event with eight major name photographers talking about their personal photographic projects and the role of contemporary art photography today and in the past. This prestigious event will be held at the Cheltenham Film Studios on Saturday and Sunday 23rd-24th May 2009. Speakers […]

16th September: Greenwich Satellite Group Meeting

After the Beijing-scale opening of the First Greenwich Annuale comes the new season of Bring-and-Tell beginning with something different. Earlier this year the question was raised: how do we know what’s a great photograph & what’s a might-have-been? Holly Stevenson (LIP mag Summer 2008) said: by looking at the work of great photographers. Quelle horreur! […]

8th September : Harrow Satellite Group Meeting

The next meeting of the Harrow LIP group will take place on Monday 8th September starting around 7:00PM. The location is 29 Sharps Lane, Ruislip HA4 7JG. We hope to have a lively and broad ranging chat including organising an exhibition for the group. Do also bring please your work for helpful, non-judgmental comment. It’s […]

20th August: Greenwich Satellite Group Meeting

Greenwich Satellite Group will be held on a Wednesday for one month only. The moment of The First Greenwich Annuale has (more-or-less) arrived. For a brief but perfectly-judged moment in August the Viewfinder will be given over to the work of (at the final count) thirty-four of our group. The opening bash is on the […]

Annual Exhibition Submission Deadline Approaching

The website addition for the LIP 20th Annual exhibition is now up and running with FAQ’s, applications forms and details of the selectors etc. This year’s exhibition is a very special one as it is takes place in the 21st year of LIP’s existence. In recognition of this we will be also producing a book […]