Chair’s Update on April 28 Committee Meeting


The LIP committee met the evening of April 28th. A couple of people were absent due to work commitments, but still a good turnout as always.

Our main point of business was the Events Programme – ‘Talks and Workshops’ – the idea being to take a fresh look at how we can do the best for our members in this area. To start we had a roundtable discussion of ideas for improvement and content possibilities for the future. In brief we looked at the following situations: Financial, Manning, Selection, Administration and Delivery plus the overall vision and focus of our efforts.

So, where did all this debate lead, and what conclusions were drawn? The overwhelming opinion was to aim for a wider and more varied range of speakers and workshop topics, with a more flexible approach to planning, timing and delivery. We wish to draw further upon the expertise of photographers within our own membership. Talks and workshops are often offered within our satellite groups [where we are looking to see if we can make this easier] and we are looking at organising more frequent small workshops and talks with similar spontaneity.

Other ideas that came up – to limit smaller events to members only, to reintroduce some of the popular ideas from LIP’s past and to look into more joint ventures.

As the LIP Events Programme is run by members for members we will be having a meet and greet event soon for those interested to discuss how they could contribute their time, either planning, lecturing or teaching of workshops.

I hope this has given you some insight into the work going on. Any feedback or offer of time would be most welcome, and if you have viewpoints or suggestions on these topics or something new please feel free to email me at:
Adrian Capps