Chair’s Update on 23 June Committee Meeting

The LIP committee met the evening of June 23rd. A number of people were absent due to other commitments, but still a good turnout as always with 11 people in-attendance. We were also pleased to welcome our newest committee member Lizzie Brown, who has agreed to work with us on the programme.

Our main point of business was the Events Programme – ‘Talks and Workshops’ – With a review of the last meeting and what progress has been made. The Meet and Greet is now arranged for Saturday 27th June where we will attempt to encourage members to increase their involvement by volunteering time etc., and find suitable people who can possibly give workshops. Our programme team is coming together well and we are now well advanced in the building of the on-line database for venues and contributors. It was agreed that LIPs focus should remain on ‘the image’ but that a wide variety of more practical workshops and talks could still be offered.

Chair’s report
I reported that I have made a start on LIP promotion with help from another LIP member, our initial target will be educational institutions with the goal of raising awareness of LIP and then to move on to other organisations involved with the promotion of photography including media contacts for publicising exhibitions and events.

Treasurer’s report
A good report; the money in and out is balancing and we have now received some of the outstanding money from the magazine outlets [well done Tim]. PayPal is up and running with most members now paying online, Tiffany and Len are also developing a new members database which it is hope will ease Len’s workload.

Magazine report
Autumn Issue first draft will be finished shortly and there has been a good level of submissions. Everyone who submits to the magazine will now receive some communication, even if their work has not been selected. We have also made a start on getting printing quotes in, which will be presented at the next meeting [where the main order of business will be the LIP magazine]. The magazine team are still trying to extend the circulation to new outlets; any members with ideas on this please get in-touch.

Exhibition report
The exhibition reported that they are looking into reaching out to all members to say that they are available for support and to assist and it was suggested that we think about holding a talk based on preparing for an exhibition. Options for a second exhibition were also discussed and that will be the subject of a future meeting, we will keep you informed on progress.

Webmaster report
The website continues to grow – some satellite groups are posting their own news, which adds a robust and current activity to the site. The home page is constantly updated now with the site-wide latest updates, so it is always current and changing. There is a new section being developed for writing on the site, called ‘Perspectives’. This will develop over time and we will need contributions from members. This is in response to requests for some magazine content overflow to be presented on the website. There is also a desire for a photographers’ knowledge base available on the website for members to access. We are looking into this and will be asking for members for help in the sourcing of the correct content.

I hope this has given you some insight into the work going on. Any feedback or offer of time would be most welcome, and if you have viewpoints or suggestions on these topics or something new please feel free to email me at:
Adrian Capps