2nd February Committee Meeting Update

Hello, The LIP committee met on the evening of 2nd February 7:00pm at Rudolf Steiner House. We had twelve committee members with only four unable to come along. As this was our first meeting since the AGM back in October there was no single point of business but the normal format of updates – here is a brief summary of that meeting, which I hope you will find interesting and should also help keep you all better informed.

Treasurer’s report
Len reported that he has been looking into revised quotes from insurers with the aim to improve LIPs public liability cover from £2m to £5m; this includes cover for all LIP exhibitions, satellite group meetings; courses and workshops. Membership is still growing fast, although this is lovely to hear it does raise some administrative problems because of this Len is looking into new database software to help manage it better in the future.

Exhibition report
John started his report by explaining some of the challenges experienced at last year’s exhibition, with respect to the venue. Since then he has visited two new galleries with the view to change venues for this year’s exhibition. Details of which were passed around the committee, both of these carried a higher cost to LIP than Cottons but it was agreed that this cost would be worthwhile; with a show of hands John was asked to proceed, was passed unanimously. We will keep you updated and lets all keep our fingers crossed that it goes to plan – this would be a very exciting move for LIP.

Magazine report
Another area that is going through change is our magazine, under a new editor, Tiffany. She reported that after a long process to find a new name for the magazine one was ready to be put forward; after a short discussion the committee agreed that this was a good title (I will not give it away now, some of you will already have guessed the rest will have to wait). It was also reported that there will be a new size and again this was agreed. Tim is also putting in a lot of work trying to find new outlets for our magazine for the future, plus there is talk of having a stall at Photomonth held at Spitalfields (this would also help promote our exhibition which is held at the same time).

LIP Project report
We were happy to welcome John Levett to the meeting, to update us on the LIP Project (for those who did not attend the AGM, LIP is working on a group wide project which is still in its infancy). We read through a document that outlined the sort of questions people had asked when discussing the project. This was then talked over by the committee – it was felt that a clear and concise statement was needed along with a ‘hook’ to crystalise in the photographers’ minds the raisons d’être of the project. It was agreed that our next step will be to produce an artistic statement and to form an initial team, consisting of a voice for the project, organiser, fund raiser and communications person. The committee will arrange a brainstorming meeting very soon to come up with a mission statement.

Programme report
Elizabeth reported that two more workshops were now live in the website and is looking into a possible ‘Digital Stories’ workshop as a follow up to Daniel Meadows’ talk in January. Other points raised: the need for a Portable PA System for LIP (this I am looking into but if anyone has any advice please get in-touch) and the need to attract more female speakers for talks and workshops.

I hope this has given you some insight into the work going on. Any feedback or offer of time would be most welcome, and if you have viewpoints or suggestions on these topics or something new please feel free to email me at:

Adrian Capps