Edward Bowman wins Art of Giving prize

Art of Giving organised a competition with the aim to encourage both established and aspiring artists to take part in an open art competition. Finalists had their work exhibited at one of the world’s most renowned galleries, the Saatchi Gallery in London. Art of Giving raises money for charities with works of art. The competition was divided into three sections, painting, sculpture and photography.

Ed Bowman has won the Photography competition, taking £1500 in prizes and exhibiting at Saatchi Gallery from October 7-9. He says:

“There would be ten artists short listed in each of the three sections and the winner in each sections gets £1000 and £500 of artists materials donated by Windsor and Newton who are one of the sponsors of this show. There was a grand event last Thursday at the Saatchi where all the shortlisted works were on show plus works from a great number of celebrities and artists who had donated works, which happened to be in aid of the Red Cross. There was a charity auction presided over by Lord Archer. It was a really big bash. I did not attend because I happened to have something else on, but had I known it was such a big event and that I ended up with the photographic prize I might have turned up.. It was also a great opportunity to “network” But as a very late developer not exactly starting out, I didn’t make that a priority. I missed out on my 15 minutes.”