Crossing Lines December meeting

The next Crossing Lines meeting will be on Wednesday 4th December 2019 – 6.30 Room 255 main building at Goldsmiths.
An account of the last meeting is on the LIP website, Satellites page under Current Updates
I hope we can keep a running account of the doings of the group on that page.

I have had no specific suggestions of work to be shown in the meeting but will be putting together an update on my own work on the recent history of Robin Hood Gardens – and hoping for other contributions.

I think we could also resume the discussion beginning last time on possible occasional group projects and guest speakers. Please bring ideas!

Lastly, a small apology for leaving this notice so late – The dates for all the meetings booked so far are as follows:
4th Dec 2019; 5th Feb 2020; 4th March 2020; 1st April 2020; 6th May 2020; 3rd June 2020; 1st July 2020; 5th August 2020.

Hope to see you on Wednesday. Peter Luck