The Garcin challenge in Ealing

new school

The Ealing group has occasional challenges, which are either an excuse to get together and take cameras out and share photos or sometimes a chance to try something a bit different. The last one we did was a lot of fun. A few of us had been to see an exhibition by Gilbert Garcin. Garcin took up photography aged 65 when he retired. His approach is to take self portraits, cut them out literally and create scenes that are often comical or absurd with him in them in which he explores the human condition. The challenge was to create a Garcin-esque photo ideally using scissors and props but photoshop if all else failed. Some of the results are on the challenges page – there were more but I am still waiting to get some to add in. I also created a group on flickr that anyone else can add their attempt to. If you are interested download this pdf for more details and take up the challenge. Have a look at garcin’s work here to see samples of his work to spark your imagination (click on one of the years and scroll through). This was out of the comfort zone for most of us in the group but that was what made it good!

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