Acton LIP activities

Our next meeting will be at 7.30pm on Tuesday 23rd June at the George and Dragon pub in Acton. Please bring any recent photographs you have taken or a book by a photographer that has influenced you.

Saturday 25th July at 2pm
Visit to ‘Satellites’ exhibition at the PM Gallery in Ealing

The Soviet collapse spawned 15 new countries that are now established members of the international community. However, economic, political and ethnic disparities also gave birth to a series of far less known unrecognized republics, national aspirations andlegacies. Jonas Bendiksen, a Norwegian and Magnum’s youngest photographer, started his “multi-year project about states that do not actually exist”. Satellites is a photographic journey through the scattered enclaves, unrecognized mini-states, and other isolated communities that straddle the southern borderlands of the former USSR. The itinerary goes through places such as Transdniester, a breakaway republic in Eastern Europe, Abkhazia, an unrecognized country on the Black Sea, the religiously conservative Ferghana Valley in Central Asia, the spacecraft crash zones between Russia and Kazakhstan, and the Jewish Autonomous Region of Far Eastern Russia. This is the first time these extraordinary images will be shown in full in the UK.

PM Gallery & House
Walpole Park, Mattock Lane, London W5 5EQ
Tel: (020) 8567 1227

Tuesday 25th August at 7.30pm
Acton LIP satellite group meeting

George and Dragon pub in Acton

Finally, please email me ( if you have any suggestions for activities you would like to see happen with the group.

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  1. Hi, Just received the mail from Len Salem re people not attending meetings! I am one of those! Have attended one meeting in Greenwich over a year ago. I live in Mortlake…I wonder if you could mail me the date and venue for the next Acton meeting. I would love to have more contact with photographers!