Greenwich Group January Meetup

A multitude of ‘favourite’ photographs/photographers; some real live ones; LIP mag’s all-new editor giving out basic info on submitting work to LIP mag’s all-new mag.

Plus Elizabeth Gowing’s new poem Exposure. LIP members are invited to submit a photographic interpretation of …


We are the markmakers; 
we come here trailing muck and mists 
of our breath in the winter air.
Scuff and trodden dirt of shoe, 
scurf’s blown highlights on dark-collared coats, 
umbrellas dripping braille by the door;
your fierce heels step and 
stop at every frame to form 
haiku on the floor;

across the gloss of catalogues 
our hands spread smear and smudge, 
thumbnails ragged at edge of page.

We all bring our latent images – her lips 
await his cheek; 
his glass of wine, her lips;

girls’ faces rouged to patching plaster, 
and plaster pocked and picked 
to an image of a girl.

Light as the scribble of felt-tip pen, 
light is the frownline creasing as we squint; 
light is the crystalled silver halide stain;

it holds you here. 
Tread softly, feel yourself explored 
in prints on snow.


Louise Forrester, curator of & our host at Viewfinder writes:

The Viewfinder is inviting members of London Independent Photography to participate in our first workshop exploring the relationship between photography & poetry.

Please take Elizabeth Gowing’s poem as inspiration for your own photographs—this can be as literal or lateral as you like.

Bring your own photograph/s to the February satellite group meeting (Wednesday 17 Feb 7-9pm) & see how others found this challenge.

Please also email them to so we can publish them online. We’ll create a dedicated page to publish a selection of the photographs taken.

Worth a shot!

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