Stop Motion: 1 show, 2 Parts and 23 members

Queens Park are proud to announce our 7th annual show that will take place from Monday 16 August through to Saturday 11 September at The Gallery in  the Willesden Green Library Centre and will be open daily from 2 – 6 pm (except Bank Holiday Monday – 30 August).

This year there are 23 artist taking part making it the largest show to date and this means that it will be in two parts with the first group showing from Monday 16 August to Saturday 29 August. The second part will take place from Tuesday 31 August to Saturday 11 September.

All LIP members, friends and supporters are invited to attend either – or both! – private views and these will take place between 6.30 and 9 pm on Thursday 19 August and 2 September.

As we will be holding the exhibition over August and September our next regular monthly meeting will take place on Thursday 16 September – more details to follow.

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