New Satellite Group in Central London

Hugh Look has organised a first meeting for a Central London Satellite group of London Independent Photography. In the first 48 hours after the invitation went out, more than 20 responses were received from photographers of many levels of experience and different approaches. Several have offered to help out with meetings or organisation.

Date: Wednesday, October 6, 2010
Time: 19.00-21.00
The Art Workers Guild
6 Queen Square
Bloomsbury, London WC1N 3AT

The meeting will be held in the Gradidge Room. Tea and coffee will be provided.

Please RSVP to Hugh a couple of days beforehand if you hope to attend so he can give the venue an idea of numbers. If you know another LIP member who might be interested, please let them know or just bring them along.

We need to discuss a few things, so please come with some ideas:
– What is the purpose of the Group?
– How often should we meet?
– When?
– Where?
– What should we do at meetings?
– Should we aim for a small exhibition/our own Flickr group/socal network presence etc?
– Who is prepared to help organise things?

Hugh’s suggestion for the first meeting: spend 30-40 minutes on the organisational stuff, and then get on to something photographic. I thought we might make it the broad theme “Life in the city”: anyone who wants to (and it’s not compulsory) bring one or two of their own photographs – and something from another photographer they’d like to discuss. Prints or digital files welcome. We’ll have a laptop and projector, but I’m not sure about internet access, so best bring anything you want to project on a memory stick.


  1. Hi,

    When and where will the next meeting be?

    Regards, Stefan

  2. The next meeting of LIP’s Central London Satellite Group will be at 18.45 on Wednesday 17 November. Note this is not the second Wednesday of the month, the original date proposed. The Artworkers Guild couldn’t fit us in on second Wednesdays for the next three months.

    The next meetings are:

    Wednesday 17 November
    Wednesday 15 December
    Wednesday 19 January

    These are the best dates they could do: however, we aim to get back to the agreed second Wednesday of the month as soon as we can.

    Part 1:

    • As many people as feel like it bring between 2 and 6 images (linked if desired), Prints or Data. This will be the first of two such sessions, which should be enough to cover most members (we can introduce a third if necessary). The purpose is simply to allow us to get to know one anothers’ work, and what influences and motivates us.

    This next bit is important:

    We’ll need to plan this one a bit so that everyone gets time: can anyone who would like to show something at either of these two meetings please let me know by 8 November. Can you say whether:

    * It’s prints or projected images
    * If you can only make one of the two dates (17 November or 15 December) or have a strong preference for talking at one over the other

    If you would like to project, it would help if you could email images in advance to Chris Tribble, so we can have them set up ready to go as soon as we start. Email
    them to: Please remember to re-size your images to a maximum 1200 x 1200 pixels.

    Part 2

    • Discussion of how we present ourselves as a Satellite Group…

    – How to use the blog Stefanie has set up

    – Working towards a show: what should it be about, and what is a realistic schedule?

    The first half of the next meeting will also be a show-and-tell evening. The second half is not fixed: should probably make a decision on the 17th.

    Several more people have contacted me since the first meeting: they are now on the mailing list and I hope they will be able to make it too.

    Think that’s all for now; if anyone sees something I’ve missed let me know.

    Your servant aye,


  3. Hi Hugh – enjoyed the last meeting – thanks – I am away for the next 3 weeks so see you at a meeting after that – Regards S