Constructed Realities flickr group pool

Constructed Realities is one of London Independent Photography’s satellite groups.

It meets on a regular basis in central London.

This flickr area enables the members of this group to share their images.

Constructed Realities flickr group pool click here

The term “constructed” refers to bodies of works of photography in which the motif or theme has been staged especially for the image, and in which the artist, in addition to their role as photographer, also plays the part of narrator, director, stage and costume designer, lighting engineer, set builder and even subject. The group also encompasses still life photographers who work in collage or montage and manipulate or manage objects and materials to create narrative images.

The group was set up by Nick Cobb and Graeme Webb, they publish and exhibit their work on a regular basis and are looking to work with other like minded artists to communicate ideas, collaborate and work towards a group exhibition in 2011/12.


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