Putney Group May Update

Mira Joshi

Andrew Wilson

Good to see you all this evening; there was some fine work done around our theme of bikes and I hope that the people who couldn’t get down to the estate in Roehampton were pleased to see what the artist had done with his bikes – the artist’s Romanian inspiration of dreaming of crazy ideas was certainly realised with his installations.

We agreed a theme for the coming month – ‘Jubilee’. We agreed that an outing to Bath was an excellent idea for our next trip and Sunday 17th June was set aside for this – more on this to follow.

Farnborough Airshow is set for the weekend of 14/15 July – again the Sunday was the suggested day.

This weekend’s end to the Wandsworth Art Festival culminates with something they call ‘the Shimmy‘ – I will be going and anyone else fancying coming along please let me know. The Shimmy is a celebratory outdoor event, showcasing the work of local artists and organisations and those further afield – join us on Sunday 27 May, along Putney Wharf, Deodar Road and Wandsworth Park.

Our next meeting will be Wednesday 27th June (Wimbledon will have started and it will officially be summer – blimey how time flies).

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