Central London Group June Meeting

At our last meeting the session was devoted to the topic of Promoting Your Work – specifically submitting work to magazines, competitions and exhibitions. Krystina Stimakovits gave an excellent and very informative presentation on the variety of photography magazines, both in print and digital form, which welcome and accept submissions from photographers. These ranged from the mainstream to the more specialist and we were able to examine a selection which she brought with her to the meeting. Some of these publications make an administrative charge for submissions, some are free and we were advised to familiarise ourselves well with the submission guidelines – be sure not to submit too many photographs, don’t go off message and stick to format requirements. The same goes for submitting work for exhibitions and competitions – make sure that your work is relevant to the required theme/topic, otherwise it can be a costly and futile exercise. Above all, don’t get disheartened if your work is not selected – it isn’t necessarily a reflection on the quality of your work as many factors are involved in the final choice. Keep trying! A full list of the magazines and websites can be found on our blog here

We also discussed various useful tips on exhibiting – from finding locations such as local coffee shops, restaurants or businesses which may not charge for displaying your work, art festivals such as Urban Art in South London where a space can be hired relatively cheaply for the weekend to sell and promote your photographs, to the different methods of displaying work and the sale of prints at exhibitions. Printing, mounting and framing a considerable number of prints to archival standards for exhibition can be very expensive and in some cases it may be better to keep costs down and produce work relatively cheaply. For his recent exhibition Peter Luck did just that, offering instead prospective buyers the chance to purchase archival standard prints made to order.

Here are a few examples of work submitted by some of our members to magazines or for exhibition.

From the exhibition So Now, Greenwich Gallery by Peter Luck

From the series Strange Country by Ingrid Newton, featured in Square Magazine

Perspex Frame by Janet Nabney

krystina_stimakovits REFRACTION mag
Krystina Stimakovits in Refractions Magazine

Geoff Titley in Uncertain States Magazine Issue 14

Our next meeting will take place on Wednesday 10th July 2013 at 18.45 at the usual venue – The Artworkers Guild, 6 Queens Square, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 3AT. We will carry on with the topic Promoting Your Work – this time concentrating on discussing developing an online presence such as websites, blogs and social media. Please feel free to share any tips or hints if you have any experience of website construction, the various blogging platforms and the usefulness (or otherwise!) of social media sites. If you want to talk about your website, a few screenshots would be very helpful (follow this link for ways to do it using Windows or Mac PCs). You can bring them as JPEGs on your memory stick.

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