Queens Park Portrait Project on Queens Park Day

Sunday 15th September 2013

Seven members of LIP Queens Park Group took a stall/pitch at the annual Queens Park Day. Mark Tamer suggested we did something a little different this year and so the Queens Park Portrait Project came about.

We did a couple of experiments with shooting daylight white background shots of each other in the preceding week, worrying for the most part about how to shield our subjects from the sun. Our white-gazebos solution turned out to be handy as it was wet on the day. Worse, our white background was being thrashed around by the wind. We added guy ropes, extra weights and ultimately a spare gazebo, half-erected at 45 degrees to act as a wind deflector.

Two pairs and one trio of photographers took it in turns to do ten shots each. We ended up with over 80 portraits done with the results viewable at

Have a look. Tell us what you think…





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