Putney Group – June Update



Thanks again to everyone for a brilliant exhibition event and a particular mention to James for coming up with the fabulous idea of the frames – picture above.

For our exhibition next year I would like to see us try and go one step further and combine our picture taking with another art form – music. In brief: the idea is for us to choose a piece of music to interpret photographically, to run an exhibition of our pictures during the Barnes Music Festival, with handsets for people to listen to the music as they peruse our pictures, and for us to launch the event with a live performance. In order to help build an audience, it has been suggested that we pick a reasonably popular piece but one that can still be handled by a quartet/quintet. More to come on this.

This month’s theme was Double Exposure – some fabulous creativity was presented by all. The theme chosen for July is ‘Natural Phenomena’.

July’s meeting will be on the 9th.

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