Putney Group – July Update

Good to see everyone, especially Leonard, who believe it or not only came out of hospital the day before – now that’s what I call commitment.

The meeting started with a catch-up on our ideas for our exhibition next year. This was followed by a new idea – the reviewing of a photographic book using pages from the book displayed on screen to illustrate points in the text. Charlie Waite is a famous photographer, known to many in the group, and his book ‘The Making of Landscape Photographs’ although old, has much to offer us. In fact, he has a major exhibition on right now, James tells us, at The National Theatre -it’s free and runs until the 16th August. The general consensus was that this was a useful session and if anyone else would like to come forward and present something similar in future please let me know.

We then went on to review everyone’s theme pictures – this month ‘Natural Phenomena’ – and again some tremendous work on show. I would particularly like to mention Dee’s contribution here – it was her first meeting for which a big welcome and her pictures from her recent travels truly spectacular – thanks Dee.

Fire Cloud by Julian Newton

Sun Eclipse by Leonard Caudrey

Charity Road Trip by Dee King

Our theme for next time is ‘Character’. We will not be meeting in August, but I look forward to seeing everyone in September – meeting date Wednesday 18th. aw@unity-publishing.co.uk

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