Putney Group September Update

Our meeting got underway with a little topical help from an item featured on Channel 4 News on Tuesday 16th September from photojournalist Peter Dench on what he felt it meant to be British! With everything Scottish that week and the referendum yet to take place, this seemed the perfect place to start. Peter has quite an eye and his gallery is also a bit of an eye opener – especially the more risqué elements – check out ‘Love UK’!

We then had an update on our exhibition ideas for next year with a unanimous show of support for interpreting Holst’s piece of music chosen by Andrew Summers (Chairman of the Barnes Music Festival). The piece can be heard on you tube and is available to download from iTunes where it is listed as Holst Short Pianoforte Trio in E.

For a variety of reasons Andrew Summers felt that this was a suitable piece to choose, and I quote from his email: “The piece of music we would like to suggest is the Holst Fantasy Trio in E major. This has the local connection from Holst’s time living in Barnes and the Festival connection since it was played by the Verter Trio (with Julian Lloyd Webber in attendance) at the first Barnes Music Festival in 2013. It’s a fairly short piece in three movements (allegro moderato, adagio, andante con moto) with some evocative music which we think could generate some interesting and diverse responses from your fellow photographers. We also quite like the idea of Phantasy & Photography and the link with the freedom part of the festival theme.”

For further help, Karen suggested that for a dry run we might like to use this as our theme for October. Further updates at our next meeting.

The meeting then moved onto our theme for the month – Character – thanks everyone for taking part. Examples below include an interesting entry from Julian, his Dad:

Julian’s Dad with Phil Shipway

Zodiac crew come ashore, by Nick Dale

St Lucia Character, by Andrew Wilson

14_09_Jame Kirkland
Two Characters, by James Kirkland

A tip from Nick for people who would like to go online and have some of their pictures critiqued by others – have a look at www.500px.com

Our next meetings will be Wednesday, 15th October and Wednesday 19th November at 7pm. All the best and I look forward to seeing, or ‘listening’ to your Holst-inspired pictures at our next meeting. Email Andrew Wilson for further details about the meetings.

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