Dulwich/Sydenham December Meeting Update

Katie Waggett
Katie Waggett photo

Five LIP members and one guest came together on Wednesday night, 3rd December. We shared some good food, excellent wine and conversation, and still found time to enjoy some images with varied approaches to the theme of ‘Endings’ as well as other photographs and an animated GIF! Thanks to Yoke for hosting and to everyone who contributed consumables.

We also discussed the year ahead and decided to explore the possibility of a group exhibition (and maybe a book) probably on the theme of ‘Life Cycles’. Watch this space for developments.

Julien Lesage
Julien Lesage photo

Yoke Matze
Yoke Matze photo

John Chappelow
John Chappelow photo

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  1. The Dulwich/Sydenham Satellite Group generally meets on the first Wednesday of every second month (except August).

    The purpose of our LIP satellite group is to provide a forum for: constructive feedback on our work, inspiration via other’s work, nourishment by others’ diverse approaches, enthusiasms and knowledge, collective strength and mutual support in having work published in the magazine, organising exhibitions etc..

    Although members have very different approaches, there is a common emphasis on personal/artistic, rather than commercial, work. It is not easy to find people who share a passion for photography as an art form and whose judgement can be trusted. The group benefits greatly by having other eyes appraising our work and by seeing what inspires others in their work. The group enjoys sharing enthusiasm for certain subjects/photographers/exhibitions and being understood. The group gains valuable technical knowledge about printmaking and displaying work. Ultimately it is about sharing the enjoyment of the visual world.