Greenwich LIP Group June meetup

It was an evening of returns, recovery and recall. Philip Craig had returned to photography after a career-long break and showed scenes from a visit to New Zealand prompting some discussion on the tensions between social and photographic obligations in group travel.

Philip Craig

Anne-Marie Glasheen, making a welcome return from illness, had been thinking about photographing people, the topography of the face, the question whether the moment of the photo reveals the person as may the slower process of drawing. Her questions were addressed to us, the viewers, and were followed by a set of her own photos taken over the last twenty years.

A-M Glasheen

John Levett asked for reactions to a set of dynamic impressions of surfers on the river in Munich sent from there by ex-member Katrin Nodop.


There was great enthusiasm for her use of long exposures to capture in blur the rapid movement of surfer and water.

Angelika Berndt, returning from months in Brazil showed a set of photos taken in an old people’s day centre in City of God, Rio. Her long stay had been a gamble to see whether a long stay could enable a deeper project than had been possible on shorter visits. Answer affirmative.

Angelika Berndt

Lastly, it appears that there had been a protest against the cover of the last issue of fLIP. Bearing this in mind we were asked for our views. We couldn’t understand the protest at all.

Report by Peter Luck

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