Greenwich LIP Group August meetup

Five presentations this time.

Carol Kenna showed images from the last twenty years, mostly with people, some in which colour naturally becomes near monochrome, but Berlin focused the discussion on the interpretation of historical spaces that do not show their history without caption or commentary.


Carol Kenna

Quentin Ball showed prints from his very recent adventure into digital capture, delighting in the possibilities of manipulation – especially into non-naturalistic colour and extreme saturation.


Quentin Ball

James Cashmore was also exploring – the landscape of south-western Ireland – particularly (perhaps inevitably) capturing weather conditions in a dramatic topography.

James Cashmore

Jennifer Roberts showed recent images revisiting her sites for the London Villages Project alongside the original LVP shots. Discussion focused on how we re-orientate the way we look when our previous habits seem to be letting us down. Happily, the images gave no such impression.


Lastly Sarah Hickson brought back from Kerala images of the rarely seen Theyyam ritual, in which tranced young men, elaborately costumed, take on the personalities of deities, capturing the movement, fire and danger of the night-time performance.

Peter Luck

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