Greenwich LIP Group September meetup

Despite foul weather rather more than a dozen of us gathered to consider visual geometry. We don’t often run themed evenings and this time we tried keeping each of us to just one image. It worked: geometric structure of images, found geometries, map-like shapes found, the x and y axes, the spirit of Lewis Baltz – all present. Discussions tended towards the photographer’s ability to bring cultural experience to bear on their looking and the interaction of the senses in the experience of place. We didn’t notice when we ran over time.

Peter Luck

01 AMGlasheen

Anne Marie Glasheen

02 Teresa Levitt

Teresa Levitt

03 Tony Othen

Tony Othen

04 Shanne

Shanne Ong

05 James Cashmore

James Cashmore

06 Katrin Nodop

Katrin Nodop

07 John Tait

John Tait


Barry White

09 Roger Mead

Roger Mead

10 Angelika Berndt

Angelika Berndt

11 Helen Othen

Helen Othen


Norman Smith

13 Chris Burke

Chris Burke

14 Rashida Mangera

Rashida Mangera


Quentin Ball

16 Philip Craig

Philip Craig


Angela Schooley

18 Peter Luck

Peter Luck

00 John Levett

John Levett

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