Barnes Satellite Group October Meeting

Space and Time was the theme for the October meeting of the Barnes branch of LIP. As usual, members daringly took on the subject matter with often spectacular results. Our favourites of the evening included these:

paul rawkins
Mission Control by Paul Rawkins, a meditative piece in blue by one of our most consistent contributors

martin conway
Brompton Cemetery by Martin Conway, a sombre look at one of London’s most famous cemeteries

darius nikbin
The Road to Nowhere by Darius Nikbin, a classic take on the American freeway

andrew rapley
Hourglasses by the artist, Andrew Rapley

philip timms
and our overall favourite of the evening, Havana Street by Philip Timms, a remarkable photo showing all the hustle and bustle of a Cuban street.

The group is meeting again on 29th November with the theme of portrait/landscape.

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