Greenwich LIP Group December meetup :: the book edition

We sustain our traditions: if it’s December, it’s books. Or book-like things. And not necessarily on photography, so long as it has some bearing on how we think about photography. Here’s the reading list:

The Letters of van Gogh
Attitudes not unlike ours about photography?
Edwin Heathcote (photos by Sue Barr): London Caffs
Fond document of disappearing caffs. (At least three of us have this book.)
Self-made album of photos and texts by Rashida Mangera: Photography Matters
Summarising her approach to theme of last year’s LIP Central exhibition
Chuck Close: A couple of ways of doing something
Unsparing b&w portraits of distinguished people.
Philippe Schlienger: Rooster
Colour portraits of birds.
Kozloff: Saul Leiter
Pocket summary of his career – including early b&w as well as the better-known colour work. (At least two of us have this book.)
Blue Note Record Covers
Integration of text and photo like never before or since. Relation to black experience in 1950s, ‘60s USA.
Koto Bolofo: La Maison
Attentive studies of fashion house shirtmakers at work.
Ferruccio Leiss: Venise vu par Ferruccio Leiss
Venice. Nights. Fogs. Empty. 1953.
Lartigue: Hidden Depths (including stereoscopic pairs and viewer)
Many of his photos we know as 2D were originally 3D pairs. Lots here.
Catalogue: The Radical Eye
If you haven’t seen the exhibition………some think the catalogue is better.

Varied as ever but we still can’t stun an ox. Next year.

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Report by Peter Luck

The next Greenwich meeting will be on 18th January 6.00pm at the Greenwich Gallery, Peyton Place, Royal Hill, Greenwich SE10.

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